aikopops on unique sweets episode

aikopops ice pops featured on unique sweets cooking channelyep, you read that right. our lil’ denver based pop shop and restaurant was featured in season 5 of the cooking channel’s unique sweets episode entitled savory sweets! world renowned chefs and food enthusiasts like Zac Young, Tino Feliciano, and Paulette Goto had some amazing things to say about our ice pops. the episode is currently for sale on YouTube and iTunes but we hope to have a snippet for you on our website soon!



Now Serving Soups and Sandwiches!

pumpkin bisque by aikopops

Pumpkin Bisque

Fall is here and there is a distinct chill in the air. We are sad to see the summer go but we can’t complain too much. This summer was great for us. We enjoyed all of the wonderful farmers markets Denver had to offer and we were able to participate in lots of great community events.

Moving into our storefront at 1284 S. Pearl was a big deal for us. The popsicle business is great but our love of culinary creations goes further. Much further. If you haven’t heard we are now serving many other tasty morsels including artisan sandwiches, delicious soups, pate de fruit, and more. In time, with your help, we plan on being one of Denver’s premier sandwich & soup shops.

But what drove us to this point? Why take the risk? Well, we felt so confident in our loyal customers and the South Pearl Street neighborhood that we decided to go for it! We have always dreamed of owning a restaurant and everything just fell into place. So far we have received lots of great press regarding our sandwiches and our customers couldn’t be happier with the added treats. We have transferred our love of the fresh handmade ingredients that fill our popsicles into the sandwiches and soups we now create.

Don’t fear! We are still going to be making crazy popsicle creations and traveling around the state causing taste buds to jump for joy. Now we will just be offering even more! Come by for a sandwich, chips and an agua fresca (handmade fruit drink) for just $9.99! Or have some soup, a grilled cheese sandwich and an agua fresca for also just $9.99. Check out some of our tasty creations here!

The First Modern Day Pop Shop is Open!

So we have been busy lately and have not given our blog the attention it deserves. Busy with what you may ask? Well, opening the first ever modern day pop shop!

It has always been a dream to own a shop. We were presented with an opportunity this summer and could not afford to pass it up. We were running out of room to store our popsicles and felt it was the right time to expand our offerings. Thus, we came up with the concept of a modern day pop shop that would sell other delicious items in addition to our already famous popsicles. The shop is located at 1284 S. Pearl St. in Denver. Just down the street from the Pearl Street Market on Sundays, one of the great markets and neighborhood’s that have helped us to get to where we are today!

The storefront has an indoor seating area with tables and benches. We have an outdoor patio with seating and shade so you can take advantage of the beautiful Colorado summers. At the shop we will be serving all our available flavors as well as sandwiches, chips, agua frescas and other goodies.

aikopops sandwich

After being in food service for most of his life, Christopher dreamed up some incredible sandwich creations. Like our popsicle flavors, the sandwiches will likely change up from time to time which is why we have given them names such as “The Bird”, “The Curd”, “The Cured” and “The Divine Swine.” Of course we have some amazing options for our vegetarian and vegan friends and as time goes on we will have even more! We are experimenting with soups and other treats such as Pate de Fruit, or Fruit Pate. These delicious fruit jellies covered in sugar are sure to make your taste buds jump for joy! When you come by, be sure to try a sample.

We are indebted to all our amazing pop stars for their generosity and support while we started our little popsicle business. We are excited to start this new chapter of our company and we hope to be able to serve you all more than just ice pops. We hope to be your local sandwich shop that serves up smiles, laughs, and generally a good time. Hope to see you all soon! 

Fall Poptoberfest!

The end of the second annual Aiko Pops poptoberfest has come. Arapahoe Basin is open, the trees have lost most of their leaves and the weather has started to cool off. But that is not stopping all the amazing Aiko fans that keep coming up to our cart and trying all our great new fall flavors.

Colorado has all but given up on frozen treats as the weather gets cooler. Within fall flavors like Pumpkin Pie, the ice pop lives. Wonderful retail locations like Cake Crumbs are newly stocking our popsicles so as the Denver area farmer’s markets shut down, Aiko Pops will still be available to you! Check out more great retail locations here.

The fall is also producing flavors from around the country and we are incorporating them into our popsicle recipes. The Satsuma is an orange-like fruit grown in Louisiana that is ripe only during mid to late October. We overnight shipped some of these fruits to make a batch of the freshest and most delicious popsicles! Hopefully you got to try one. If not, look out for them next year around this time.

Last weekend we were fortunate enough to be invited to the Highland Haunt. So many costumed pop stars were out and about having their face painted, going on Hayrides and marching in a costume contest parade. Check out some of the costumes below in our photo gallery.

Have a fun and safe Halloween from all of us at Aiko Pops!

To Infinity and Beyond with Aiko Pops!

We are finally getting around to writing about our Office Hero contest! If you do not remember our contest it went a little something like this. Lots of Denver’s worker bees posted on our Facebook wall or Twitter feed why their office deserved a bunch of free popsicles to cool themselves off during this scorcher of a summer. We ended up choosing three winners! In the heat of August, Mr. Jonny Stixx himself, visited our winners at their offices to deliver the ice pops.

First stop was the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado. These guys and gals do some great work for the youth of Colorado and deserved a popsicle break for sure. Andrew, our winner, was off being a real hero for the kids so we dropped the pops off to be shared later.

Next stop was at the Auraria Campus in downtown Denver. Emily surprised her coworkers with our delicious popsicles including our Truffled Popcorn. We shared some laughs and enjoyed some frozen treats. This office of hard working ladies deserved a cool snack on this hot day. Keep up the good work!

The last stop was at The Matchbox Bar. Jonny Stixx showed up for happy hour (no surprise there) and was able to share over 40 of his gourmet popsicles with the bar staff and the patrons! We had a great time drinking beer and eating ice pops. This is a great bar with lots of fun people. We were happy to hang around enjoying the evening.

The Office Hero Contest was a great success. Be sure to stay tuned on our Facebook page and Twitter feed for more fun contests and promotions from Aiko Pops!