Now Serving Soups and Sandwiches!

pumpkin bisque by aikopops

Pumpkin Bisque

Fall is here and there is a distinct chill in the air. We are sad to see the summer go but we can’t complain too much. This summer was great for us. We enjoyed all of the wonderful farmers markets Denver had to offer and we were able to participate in lots of great community events.

Moving into our storefront at 1284 S. Pearl was a big deal for us. The popsicle business is great but our love of culinary creations goes further. Much further. If you haven’t heard we are now serving many other tasty morsels including artisan sandwiches, delicious soups, pate de fruit, and more. In time, with your help, we plan on being one of Denver’s premier sandwich & soup shops.

But what drove us to this point? Why take the risk? Well, we felt so confident in our loyal customers and the South Pearl Street neighborhood that we decided to go for it! We have always dreamed of owning a restaurant and everything just fell into place. So far we have received lots of great press regarding our sandwiches and our customers couldn’t be happier with the added treats. We have transferred our love of the fresh handmade ingredients that fill our popsicles into the sandwiches and soups we now create.

Don’t fear! We are still going to be making crazy popsicle creations and traveling around the state causing taste buds to jump for joy. Now we will just be offering even more! Come by for a sandwich, chips and an agua fresca (handmade fruit drink) for just $9.99! Or have some soup, a grilled cheese sandwich and an agua fresca for also just $9.99. Check out some of our tasty creations here!

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