The First Modern Day Pop Shop is Open!

So we have been busy lately and have not given our blog the attention it deserves. Busy with what you may ask? Well, opening the first ever modern day pop shop!

It has always been a dream to own a shop. We were presented with an opportunity this summer and could not afford to pass it up. We were running out of room to store our popsicles and felt it was the right time to expand our offerings. Thus, we came up with the concept of a modern day pop shop that would sell other delicious items in addition to our already famous popsicles. The shop is located at 1284 S. Pearl St. in Denver. Just down the street from the Pearl Street Market on Sundays, one of the great markets and neighborhood’s that have helped us to get to where we are today!

The storefront has an indoor seating area with tables and benches. We have an outdoor patio with seating and shade so you can take advantage of the beautiful Colorado summers. At the shop we will be serving all our available flavors as well as sandwiches, chips, agua frescas and other goodies.

aikopops sandwich

After being in food service for most of his life, Christopher dreamed up some incredible sandwich creations. Like our popsicle flavors, the sandwiches will likely change up from time to time which is why we have given them names such as “The Bird”, “The Curd”, “The Cured” and “The Divine Swine.” Of course we have some amazing options for our vegetarian and vegan friends and as time goes on we will have even more! We are experimenting with soups and other treats such as Pate de Fruit, or Fruit Pate. These delicious fruit jellies covered in sugar are sure to make your taste buds jump for joy! When you come by, be sure to try a sample.

We are indebted to all our amazing pop stars for their generosity and support while we started our little popsicle business. We are excited to start this new chapter of our company and we hope to be able to serve you all more than just ice pops. We hope to be your local sandwich shop that serves up smiles, laughs, and generally a good time. Hope to see you all soon! 

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