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Jonny Stixx

The name is Jonny Stixx and I come from the land where ice and fresh fruits live in perfect harmony. Where the joyous tears of angels instantly freeze into delectable frozen treats. We are talking about a land where beautiful flowers mature into chocolate bacon sea salt, orange avocado and lavender lemonade popsicles. I miss home but sharing the wondrous, gourmet flavors of ice pops from my land with you makes it all worth it. So when you are enjoying an AikoPop, remember to take in the experience, savor the flavors and spread the word so others can enjoy as well.



I am Spence and I am the pop apprentice. After spending years in France I finally tired of the hairy armpits and long skinny bread rolls. I settled in Denver and took the first job I could find. I soon tired of filing bunions and soon after met the beautiful man who is Christopher. After a rigorous round of interviews and physical challenges I joined team aiko. you can find me at the modern day pop shop making delicious food for wonderful people.

Aiko Pops Ice Pops Denver, Colorado


I am an Ohio native and a recent transplant to Denver. As a full time engineer, my experience in the food world has included flavor R&D in a corporate environment as well as years of tending bar. Food is definitely an obsession of mine and I love exploring the booming Denver culinary scene. I joined AikoPops because I believe that the popsicles we normally take for granted, deserve to be made right. Delicious, local, natural, and designed to be eaten outside . . . the perfect Colorado snack!

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The name is Popinstance and join her in the fan fair and takeover of “pop” culture as we know it! Stand up against lame additives and false sugars everywhere. Popinstance, who fancies herself a bit of a heroine these days, leads the pop revolution in her daily travels where she brings the not only the most radical pops in the land, but also a fresh new view on frozen treats to all of you. So put down the scoop and get down with Popinstance and AikoPops! The Fresh, local, crazy pop revolutionists bringing you the tastiest, wackiest, most radical flavors under the sun in over 100 flavors! See Popinstance at Civic Center Eats and a number of the Farmer’s Markets in and around Denver!