Handing Out Popsicles Courtesy of Volkswagen!

We has a great time at the Copper Triangle Bicycle Race this past weekend. We handed out well over 2,500 popsicles courtesy of Volkswagen to all the hot and tired racers. We custom wrapped our bicycle to show the VW logo which helped us fit right in. Volkswagen was very generous handing out T-shirts and bicycle multitools as well. If you like to bike, definitely consider this race next year. Everyone was in good spirits after completing the ride. We met lots of new people from around the area but also saw some familiar faces from the Denver area.

After that event we raced back down to Denver to participate in the Justice League of Street Food party. As always we had a rockin’ good time with music, food and friends. These events are so much fun. If you haven’t made it out to one yet, look for one in the future. Imagine all the best street food in Denver in the same spot! We saw yo-yo masters doing crazy tricks (check out the video on our Facebook page.)

To cap off the weekend we made our way to the Old South Pearl Farmers Market. We always have a fun time there. With so many artisans and so many people who appreciate hand crafted food and goods, we feel right at home.

If we did not see you last weekend, look for us this week. We will be in all the usual farmers markets. If you cannot wait for the weekend (and I don’t blame you), check out all the locations that sell our ice pops throughout the week!


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